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About Us

Our mission is service! sells great quality, made in the USA air filters. But our core mission is to be known as the company that provides exceptional, unequaled, unparalleled service for our customers.

The original idea was to create a website that offered the absolute best selection of air filter sizes at the lowest prices. We’ve evolved our company to be more than just that, our focus is on making our customers happy. Period, no matter what it takes!

Yes we’re delighted when you buy from us, but we are even more ecstatic when we can take care of any issue that may come up, and resolve it to your satisfaction fast. The faster the better!

Our filters are manufactured here in the USA in state of the art facilities. We stock all the 1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, and 5” air filter standard sizes, and even have the hard to find HVAC filter sizes. We maintain ongoing quality assurance on our products to insure complete customer satisfaction with every air filter we ship.

Another reason we started the company is to make life easier and simpler for our customers. We understand that going to the large retail stores, parking, waiting in lines, and overpaying for filters is a frustration that many people share, including me. We want to be, and are, the solution to this aggravation!

We pride ourselves for the following:
Being Honest – we’ll own up if we make a mistake and make it right.
Making Life Easier – saving you money and being hassle free.
Relentless – always trying to improve and an unyielding customer focus.
Persistent – never giving up, and learning from our mistakes.

We realize that air filters may be boring and it’s a chore to change them out, but healthy clean air in your home and work space is something we care about. We have kept our costs down, and our very low HVAC filter prices are accessible to everyone. Whether you need a couple AC filters for your home, or if you’re a large business needing wholesale prices for several hundred filters, we can help!

We look forward to the privilege to serve you and provide high quality air filters, great prices, and even better service. All with a smile!
Always With Gratitude,
The HVAC Air Filter Team

Filters Delivered LLC