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​How to lessen those stinky smells and unpleasant indoor odors?

​How to lessen those stinky smells and unpleasant indoor odors?

Aug 8th 2019

In our house, we have 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 bunny, 1 hamster, stinky soccer shoes, and messy teenagers.  I can go into one of my teens rooms, and it smells like a zoo, and the smell leaks in to the family room.  Its difficult to keep our home smelling clean and fresh, and not like a kennel.

But there is hope to reduce nasty odors in a safe way. It’s better to try and eliminate odors, rather than cover them up with sprays, incense, and candles. Below are some easy ideas on diminishing those nasty odors in your home and business.

1.  Steam Clean: All the fabric in your furniture & drapes ends up absorbing those smells from stinky kids and animals. Steam cleaning will remove pet dander, dust, and odors.

2.  Replace your HVAC Air Filters regularly: Don’t let the pet smells, pet dander, and teen pollutants circulate in your home. MERV 8 rate filters will remove pet dander, and MERV 13 filters will remove odors and the smallest of particles.

3.  Don’t smoke in your home: Cigarette smoke absorbs in walls, furniture, and in your bed.

4. Try a bowl of vinegar: A cup white vinegar in a sauce pan simmering on your stove top will release odor-fighting power into the air.

5.  Don’t let dirty clothes and wet towels left in a bunch for too long. You’ll start having a moldy smell. Try a sprinkle of washing soda on the pile to eliminate the order until you have a chance to wash.

6.  Your pets have poo-pee accidents and need a bath too: A good enzymatic cleaner will do the trick on pet poo & pee, but first you need to find the spots. Vacuum to remove the dander and hair. Pets need to be brushed regularly and enjoy a good bath once in a while, but don't bathe too often, as that can dry their skin.

Burning candles and some sprays only mask the odor in your house, and don’t eliminate bacteria and other particles, plus they can release harmful contaminates. Removing the particles that actually are causing the nasty smells is the best way to go.