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Tips to stay prepared for Hurricane Season.

Tips to stay prepared for Hurricane Season.

Aug 16th 2019

Hurricane season starts in June but peaks from August through November.

As we’re now in hurricane season, experts warn residents to pay more attention to storm surge and flooding, rather than wind strength. Most people lose their lives in hurricanes due to drowning, and flooding doesn’t just occur near the coast, but storms can reach hundreds of miles inland too from the torrential rainfall and flooding down rivers and streams.

Some tips to prepare if a Hurricane is headed your way:

1. Plan ahead of the storm.

2. Have an emergency preparedness kit ready. Include a gallon of water a day per person and per pet for at least three days or four days.

3. Keep your insurance policies and other important documents with your emergency kit or nearby.

4. Know where and how you will evacuate. Make sure you have a plan, and include your pets if you have them.

5. If you’re not in the storm surge or flood area, and are several miles inland in a secure structure and don’t plan to evacuate, then test your generator, have flashlights handy, and stock up on food and water. Over-evacuation is an issue, so if you’re in an area in which told it’s not necessary to evacuate, then don’t.

6. Fill medications, prescriptions before a storm approaches.

7. If elderly family members or friends rely on respirators, make sure they have a generator or an evacuation plan in case the power goes out.

8. Cover windows with shutters or plywood.

9. Store outdoor furniture, toys and other objects that could become projectiles.

10. Get cash in case power outages prevent using ATMs.

11. Pay close attention to forecasts and the National Hurricane Center for the latest information.

12. Download an app through your emergency management agency, TV station or other source that warns about severe weather.

If you and your family do these basic things to prepare, then you’re ahead of the issue and will help in not making matters worse for your family and free up emergency responders to assist with others in dire need.