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​How to Protect Your Home From Coronavirus

​How to Protect Your Home From Coronavirus

Posted by CK on Feb 2nd 2021


By now we are all aware of the impact of the coronavirus and all of the precautions that are now being taken to stop the spread of the virus. But what can you do in your own household to help stop the spread? We’ve put together a list of helpful tips and how your air filter can be a tool to help stop the spread.

Wash your hands when entering your home

We all know this one and have been sanitizing our hands for what seems like ages now! But one of the most common ways of spreading bacteria is bringing germs into your home from outside sources. If you think about all the different places your family goes throughout the day; work, school, the grocery store, there are many points of contact where germs can linger. Set up a reminder close to your entrance door for each family member to immediately wash their hands when entering the home.

Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in shared spaces

While hand washing can cut down on the number of germs spread, bacteria can still linger on shared spaces and surfaces. Make sure to clean disinfect high-touch surfaces in shared spaces around your home. Doing this daily can help greatly reduce the number of bacteria lingering in your home.

Avoid sharing personal household items

You should monitor your health daily and watch for symptoms such as a fever, cough, shortness of breath or other symptoms of COVID-19. If you do not experience symptoms or become asymptomatic, not using shared personal household items can help stop the spread to other family members living in the same household.

Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing

Covering your mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing can help prevent virus particles from landing on shared surfaces in your home.

Use a MERV 13 or Higher Air Filter

MERV 13 air filters can be used in your home or business and capture airborne viruses and bacteria from coughs and sneezes. There is no guarantee that a strong air filter will completely eliminate the Coronavirus but clean air helps keep your immune system strong. Changing your air filters regularly can help increase the clean air throughout your home.